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Interior Landscape Design for Clubs & Community Spaces

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Suspended Ceiling Greenery Feature - Interior Landscape Design

Interior Landscape Design within Clubs and Community Spaces not only enhances the features within the space, it also has proven psychological benefit to patrons and visitors.

As Clubs invest in the future, creating welcoming environments for patrons and guests, 'the bar' has been lifted in terms of design and innovation within this Industry.

Live planting can be difficult to keep alive in internal spaces if the natural light is not sufficient.

High quality artificial planting can transform natural light restricted areas, creating a landscape design which can enhance a space dramatically.

The design of greenery features can create an interesting collection of elements which are pleasing to the eye creating a point of difference.

What does Innovative Interior Design say to your Patrons and Guests?

We are a modern Club investing in the Future

We are not 'Ordinary'

We are investing in our Patron's & Guests

The suspended ceiling greenery feature pictured above is a 2m wide design featuring faux, lifelike greenery on a customised tapestry base of natural tree branches. Greenery includes various fern varieties.

Raised Planter Box planting of tropical ferns - Interior Landscape Design

Raised planter boxes and pots feature include lush faux tropical plantings.

Hanging macrame pods with tropical plants.

Soul Design, being a Professional Florists utilises the highest quality of artificial plants available together with advanced floristry technical skills to complete each project.

The greenery design project by Soul Design is installed at St Marys Band Club.

Interior Design by Becci Finn.



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