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Landscape Design & Horticultural Services

It's really important to make sure the right plants are in the right place.

There are many aspects to consider to ensure 'long term' success of the landscape you are investing in. 

Light, climate, soil are a few of the elements, however there are other important horticultural elements such as space both in the soil, around the potential planting and the roof above. 

You can rest assured, we won't be specifying a plant with potential to grow to 10m for your Foyer with a ceiling height of 5m. Sadly this landscape design mistake happens a lot on commercial premises.

Our horticultural specification of plant species takes into considerations all growing conditions together with maintenance considerations.

Some of our clients have dedicated garden & maintenance staff where as others may not. There are exciting opportunities to incorporate live plants in commercial spaces. Not only do the right plants in the right place transform a space visually, creating a real sense of welcome and desire to enter the premises, studies show that plants can have an impact on mental health and improve productivity particularly inside the workspace of Commercial venues.

Let's together increase traffic to your premises and at the same time increase productivity and welbeing of your staff and patrons.

Let's make your place the place where people want to come and spend their time.

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