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Hanging Garden

Hanging garden of tropical plants suspended from ceiling

hanging garden close up

Hanging garden close up showing frame of branches

hanging plants hospitality

hanging plants @ Wenty Leagues Club

Planter box hospitality tropical

built in planter of tropical plants in hospitality

Overhanging floral design with anthuriums

floral crafting - overhanging table floral design with anthuriums on handmade structure

Office Planting tropical foliage

Commercial office planting with tropical foliage

tropical plants in commercial office planter

Tropical plants and foliage in commercial office storage planter

pots of greenery

floor standing pots with greenery in hospitality - St Marys Band Club

floral design handmade floral basket

Contemporary floral design with handmade chicken wire basket

contemporary floristry design

Contemporary corporate floral design with hand made chicken wire basket and woven plant material

Planter box with tropical plants for Restaurant

Restaurant planter box of tropical plants - Hospitality - St Marys Band Club

Handmade blossom trees

Custom made blossom trees crafted in Australia for Hospitality - Bankstown Sports Club

plants make such a difference

Suspended plants and planter boxes of lush plants and foliage in Hospitality

Kitchen mesh basket of vegetables

Kitchen mesh basket of vegetables in Hospitality - Glasshouse Restaurant Pittwater RSL

mixed vine of ivy and bougainvillea

mixed vine of ivy and bougainvillea for Hospitality - with a little colour

plants in raised planter boxes hospitality

Plants in raised planter boxes with hanging vine in Hospitality

Floating Orchid Feature

Floating orchid feature - Restaurant feature

Floral crafting - hand made structure with lilies

hand crafted structure floral design with lilies

Artificial Ficus Tree

Artificial Ficus Tree 1.8m with air roots in large white pot based with mondo grass and hanging vine

Suspended Garden Interior Landscape

Suspended Greenery Feature in Shopping Centre - Interior Landscape Design, hanging plants

Corporate Phalaenopsis Orchid Design

Corporate Phalaenopsis orchid design

Artificial Green Wall feature

Green wall garden feature - artidicial plants - low maintenance interior landscape design

tropical planting in raised planter - Hospitality

Mixed plants in built in planter

Planter Box with tropical foliage

Tropical planting in planter box - interior landscape design

Fresh Aussie native floral design

Aussie native floral design in a bowl - fresh flowers

Ficus lyrata in round planter at School

Ficus lyrata - Fiddle leaf fig in school

hanging plants in school

hanging plants for school

Phalaenopsis arrangement

Phalaenopsis floral design with tatami

Interior landscape-suspended garden

Suspended Greenery feature in Shopping Centre - hanging plants - innovative interior landscape design

Screen planting Hospitality

Screen planting for Hospitality - separating spaces with attractive plants

potted plants in stationery cabinet

Potted ferns and other tropical plants - Commercial planting - artificial planting - low maintenance interior landscape design

Aussie native fresh floral design
floral crafting structure on wood
planting for school
hanging earth balls in shopping centre
hanging earth balls with tropical plants and wattle in shopping centre
Tropical planting in pots

Interior landscape design - tropical planting in pots, potted plants

Orchid design in handmade structure
fresh floral design with a handmade structure
Suspended Artificial Greenery

Suspended ceiling feature of artificial greenery on natural branches for Absolute Thai's newest restaurant in Hornsby. interior landscape design Design on natural branches with moss and artificial plants creating a truly lifelike composition

Floating orchids

Floating phaleanopsis orchids suspended from copper wire trellis - translucent flower wall artificial flowers

hanging plants with leather straps

Masculine touch of class - hanging plants on hand crafted leather straps

Suspended Ceiling landscape

Suspended Ceiling landscape on moss including Australian native artificial flower and plant material

Ceiling installation faux flowers

Artificial Flowers and Foliage with bark, moss and decorative feature suspended landscape fixed to ceiling

Contemporary Corporate Floristry

Contemporary Corporate Floristry Design with handmade chicken wire and cymbidium orchids

Suspended Ceiling Landscape

Artificial Greenery ceiling installation - suspended ceiling landscape including natives and mixed greenery

Artificial Greenwall Feature

Garden wall feature with artificial plants for longevity and low maintenance interior landscape design

Shop window display floral

Retail floral window display - artificial flowers- bougainvillea

Floral design by Linda Taneja - Soul Des

Hand crafted boat basket on stand with fresh flowers

Contemporary Floristry Design

Contemporary Floristry Design for Corporate Offices - hand crafted bamboo design with cymbidium orchid

Fresh floral design with Agapanthus

Agapantha fresh floral design

Contemporary Floristry Design Fan

Hand crafted floristry design fan with garland of orchids

Suspended Ceiling Greenery feature

Ceiling garden feature artificial planting - low maintenance

Fresh Floral Design Minimalist theme

Fresh floral design by Linda Taneja - minimalist theme natural water tubes with sweet peas, roses and calla lilies. (Photo Dominik Ketz)

Fresh plant design freestanding

Freestanding natural plant design by Linda Taneja. Design with ivy, Hedera spp. (photo Dominik Ketz)

fresh flower bouquet on hand crafted fra

Hand crafted spider webbed bouquet frame with fresh flowers

fresh floral design on wood with wir

Fresh Floral design on handcrafted wooden base and wired feet with stub wired frame sewn into the wood

Magnolia floral design with pinned leaves

Fresh floral design - magnolias on a bed of pinned leaves - floral crafting

Fresh Native Flowers

Fresh Native Flower Arrangement planted on Bark including gum and Banksia

Floral Design on wood with wire

Fresh Floral design on hand crafted frame of wood with wired feet and sewn wire for calla lilies, phalaenopsis proteas and grass

fresh floral design with red roses and pinned leaves

Fresh floral design with red roses, pinned leaves and berries

Floral Design with copper mesh frame

Floral Design frame made of copper mesh with woven grass, hand made frame with calla lily dahlia dancing lady orchid billy buttons - Fresh Floral arrangement

Hanging Artificial Plants

Hanging plants - artificial plants with hanging foliage in glass bowl

Hanging artificial plants

Hanging artificial plants - realistic artificial ferns

Wall Garden

Artificial Wall Garden Arrangement / Green Wall of succulents and multi textured greenery

Crescent Floral Design

Crescent form floral design on handmade structure - Fresh flowers including lisianthus and anthuriums

Vegetable basket for restaurant

Artificial faux vegetable basket for restaurant

Real Native Floral Arrangement

Fresh Native Flowers including Erika, Gum Nuts, Banksia and Paper Daisies

Bougainvillea ivy vine artificial

artificial vine - bougainvillea and ivy

Garden story - Structured fresh floral design

Garden story - fresh floral design with handcrafted structure together with pinned leaf technique

Artificial faux ficus tree

Artificial faux ficus tree with mondo grass in white gloss pot

360 degree trailing bouquet with fresh flowers
Artificial Plants Restaurant

Artificial Plants for Restaurant including ferns, fiddle leaf, succulents and pothos

Restaurant artificial potted plants

Artificial plants for corporate restaurant

Colourful Fresh Floral Design

Fresh Floral Design with focus on colour. Flowers complimented with handmade pillow feature repeating colour. Flowers include gladiolus heliconias and kangaroo paw

Cow Head Floral Design

Floral Design - Cow Head sculpture created with palm frongs Heliconias, anthiriums and lilies

Fresh Flower Basket

Hand crafted fresh flower basket frame - hand made chicken wire with woven leaves, hypericum berries, lisianthus and carnations

Flower basket hand crafted

Hand crafted flower basket - hand made chicken wire, woven leaves and artificial flowers for a corporate floral arrangement of native flowers

Fresh Leaf Work

Fresh Leaf Work with Pinned Leaves

hand crafted structures

Hand crafted structures made from wire and wool for artificial flowers

artificial ceiling landscape

artificial ceiling landscape red and green foliage

hotel restaurant floral

Hotel Restaurant Floral Arrangement

Fresh Flower Hotel Arrangement

Fresh flower arrangement for Hotel Lobby - New Year's Eve

Artificial plants

Artificial potted plants for Corporate Restaurant including ferns and ivy

Pave Design

Fresh Flower Pave Design of calla lilies, erika and brunia

Artificial potted Plants

Artificial pot plants for corporate restaurant

Fresh rose arrangement

Fresh flower arrangement of roses

Fresh Flower Arrangement

Fresh Flower Arrangement with unique pinned design of leaves

Fresh Flower Arrangement

Fresh flower bouquet crafted in crochet wire

Real Native Flowers

Fresh native arrangement of Banksia and Gum nuts

Faux Orchid Arrangement

Faux Phalaenopsis Orchid Arrangement with tatami feature

Mixed textured faux floral vine

Multi textured faux floral vine for corporates, hotels, clubs

Faux Floral Boat

Faux Floral Boat with succulents, hobs and tatami feature

Potted greenery

Floor standing pots with greenery

Faux Boston Fern

Faux Potted Boston Fern

Small Planter Green Foliage Arrangement

Green foliage arrangement in small planter

Artificial Fern Plant

Artificial Fern Plant

Fresh Flower Arrangement

Fresh Flower Arrangement including roses, carnations, lisianthus, celosia

Autumn Leaves with succulents

Floral Feature - Autumn Leaves, Succulents, Berzillia and fern

Artificial Corporate Floral

Artificial Corporate Floral Arrangement of Fuji Mums and Greenery

Fresh Fruit Floral

Fresh Fruit Floral Arrangement including Oranges and Tulips

Fresh Fruit Floral

Fresh Fruit Floral Arrangement of Oranges Tulips and Hyacinth

Fresh Flower Arrangement

Fresh Flower Arrangement - a bed of miniature roses - crafted in a pinned bed of leaves

Fresh Bed of Roses

Fresh Bed of Roses Arrangement with pinned leaves and heliconia

Fresh Leaf Work

Fresh Leaf Work and Bed of Roses

built up rose floral design
Mothers Day Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers for Mothers Day - the most beautiful full bodied white chrysanthemums

Fully Wired Fresh Bridal

Fully Wired Fresh Bridal Bouquet with 360 degree view including orchids, gladioli erika and gum nuts

Church Altar Arrangement

Church Floral Arrangements for Altar

Fresh Native Floral

Fresh Native Floral Table Arrangement including King Protea, Banksia, Eucalyptus and Brunia

Fresh Built Up Rose

Fresh Built Up Rose - crafted from 12 roses - framed on crochet wire frame

Private Residence Floral

Faux Floral Art Design -crafted wire design including spiderwebbed frame, crochet wire and extremely life like calla lilies

Floral Art Design

Faux Floral Art