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Linda Taneja Awarded GOLD MEDAL

International FREESIA Sustainability Innovative Design

Our Roots .....

Founder and CEO of Soul Design, Australian born and bred Linda Taneja (Maiden: Barnes), proudly 8 generations in this great land, grew up in country NSW.

Moving to the big smoke (Sydney) which is totally different to life in the bush was challenging and this was just the beginning!

With entrepreneur parents filled with the great Aussie spirit of not giving up, being a family member, you learn to adapt and embrace the new.

The sowing of the seed!

Although, they were moving to the big smoke to flee the drought, they would not have had any idea the impact instilled on their children.

It created a fighting strength which all 5 children have embraced.

After school, Linda joined the family business and learnt much from her Father who is very particular when it comes to doing things properly. This is where the attention to detail became an important element.

The Seedling emerged and evolved

In 2003, while living in Singapore on an overseas posting, Linda, armed with a Bachelor of Business from University of Western Sydney, commenced operation of the family business, Soul Design.

With a love for nature the seedling emerged and transformed over the years since returning home to Australia.

Being able to share the love of nature in our family business is truly pleasing. 

In summary;

2003 Registered Soul Design in Singapore

2006 Relocated back to Australia, our home

2010 Research for high quality hand crafted flowers

2012 New range of flowers became a major part of             the business

2014 Graduated with Professional Floristry

         Certificate III

2015 Graduated with Advanced Floristry

         Certificate IV

2015 Awarded 'Bernie Gadd Memorial Award for                 Creative Innovation & Initiative

2016 till NOW -  Ongoing development of techniques           and training with Australian International Floral             Designer Mr Mark Pampling and International             World Renowned Floral Designer Mr Gregor                 Lersch

2017 Awarded PFA NSW - 1st Prize - Royal Easter               Show

2018 Awarded  RAS NSW - 2nd Prize - National                   Designer Team (Jeff Smith & Linda Taneja) -                 Royal Easter Show 

2019 Graduated with Horticulture Certificate III

2021 Graduated Credit Level, Diploma of Landscape           Design 

2022 Awarded FREESIA - Top 10 - Eco Sustainable             Sympathy Design 

2022 Awarded FREESIA - Gold Medal -  Sustainable           Innovative Event Design 


 The business continues to blossom working on exciting projects within the Construction Industry, refurbishments, Clubs, Schools, Aged Care, Shopping Centres, Commercial Offices and Restaurants.

Soul Design takes pride and care in every project with a diversified range of skills and materials on offer.

We offer a niche set of services including Landscape Design, Floristry and Plantscape Design / Installation with versatility of design skills which we are very proud to be able to offer our clients.

(Photograph of Linda by Dominik Ketz)

Lersch-2018-226-Linda Taneja.jpg

The Name

Soul Design

Formulating the name of our business needed to reflect our commitment, loyalty, trust and honesty.


It needed to encompass passion and attention to detail together with a  yearning to share goodness and beauty.

Our work is in Design derived from the Soul.

Our Name is

Soul Design.

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