Our Floral Journey

 The sowing of the seed!

Country NSW, born and bred Linda, eldest child of five enjoyed visiting our Grandparents in the big smoke, 'Sydney'. 

I used to sit with Grandpop in the back garden and chat to him while he tended his beautiful cymbidium orchids. I remember it like it was yesterday with my Grandparents white cockatoo whistling his song and reciting words and phrases he had learnt .... hello cocky and good boy.


My Grandpop loved his orchids, it gave him a sense of peace deep down inside, you could tell. 


He showed me the beauty and the intrigue of these lovely beings. To this day, my favourite orchid is the cymbidium as it reminds me of my Grandpop.

The Seedling emerged and evolved

Years went by, I married the man of my dreams and we moved to Singapore for a work posting with our young family.


While living in Singapore, in 2003, armed with a Bachelor of Business from University of Western Sydney, our family run business Soul Design was established.


Like any being, this seedling emerged  and formed, with an interest in hand crafted items, research and development has lead us to where we are today.

Handcrafted home accessories such as metalwork and woodwork from India soon extended into beautiful furniture from the Orient including finely crafted antiques carrying symbols of good health, change of seasons and long life created the foundation of our journey.

The realisation of the importance nature in our life soon emerged and grew strong. Before long, we discovered we were exactly where we are supposed to be with exciting opportunities. Being able to share the love of nature in our work, is truly pleasing. 

2003 Registered Soul Design in Singapore

2006 Relocated back to Australia, our home

2010 Research for high quality hand crafted flowers began

2012 New range of flowers soon became a major part of the business

2014 Graduated with Professional Floristry Certificate III

My sister introduced us to the world of Construction where exciting opportunities and lots of learning began

2015 Graduated with Advanced Floristry Certificate IV

2015 Awarded 'Bernie Gadd Memorial Award for Creative Innovation & Initiative

2017 Awarded PFA NSW - 1st Prize - Royal Easter Show

2018 Awarded  RAS NSW - 2nd Prize - National Designer Team (Jeff Smith & Linda Taneja) -  Royal Easter Show 

2019 Graduated with Horticulture Certificate III

2016 - NOW -  Ongoing development of techniques and training with Australian International Floral Designer Mr Mark Pampling and International World Renowned Floral Designer Mr Gregor Lersch

2020 The business continues to blossom working on exciting projects within the Construction Industry, refurbishments, Clubs, Schools, Aged Care, Shopping Centres, Commercial Offices and Restaurants.

Soul Design takes pride and care in every project with a diversified range of skills and materials on offer.

We offer a niche set of services including fresh and faux plantscapes with versatility of design skills which we are very proud to be able to offer our clients.

(Photograph of Linda by Dominik Ketz)

The Name

Soul Design

Formulating the name of our business needed to reflect our commitment, loyalty, trust and honesty.


It needed to encompass passion and attention to detail together with a  yearning to share goodness and beauty.

Our work is in Design derived from the Soul.

Our Name is

Soul Design.

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