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Innovative Interior Landscape Design for Aged Care

The Aged Care Industry is proving to shine in respect of the aged. It's so great to see the innovation and wonderful insight being focused on our respected elderly.

Interior landscape design is now being realised as an important element to incorporate within the design scope. A sense of bringing the outside in!

Vast amounts of studies have revealed that individual plants and interior landscape elements within a space have a positive impact on mindset, productivity and wellbeing.

Greenery and floral features soften the dominant lines of furniture and fixtures also creating balance and calm.

The latest in structural crafting floral techniques allow for innovation and adaptation within the interior landscape creating a real point of difference for our Aged Care.

In a world of standards, lets raise the bar!

Linda, Director of Soul Design says 'I love thinking outside the box, anything is possible.

The crafting skills I have learnt from the Masters of Floristry create endless boundaries. On going research and development sets a foundation which keeps evolving, one skill layering another, it's very exciting!'

Soul Design Pty Ltd is an Australian owned family business since 2003.

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