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Aussie wins Gold Medal @ International Sustainable Floral Competition for Innovative Event Design


Linda Taneja -FREESIA Summit - Day 2 Presenter
FREESIA Instagram Message - Gold Medal - Innovative Event Design


FREESIA (Florists Recognising Environmental & Eco Sustainable Ideas & Applications)

Linda's Award Winning Floral Design was created using Jasminum - Jasmine in a random weave to form a horn representing the announcement of celebration!

The Zantedeschia - Calla Lilies repeat the form of the woven piece cascading gently to extend the line of the design.

Sustainability being the key;

  • Design is 100% compostable!

  • Presented on reusable existing base

  • No Foam

  • No Wire

  • 100% organic

  • Jasmine grows over the fence from the neighbours

  • Basil growing in the garden

  • Lomandra grass outside the local park

  • Calla lilies @ the local shops

As a result of taking part in this Challenge, Soul Design no longer uses floristry foam (which contains microplastics).

The awareness raised in this competition is extremely beneficial to the Floristry Industry world wide.

If we can make lots of small changes over time, we can make a considerable impact within our environment.

It is with extreme pleasure and much gratitude that we accept this great award.

Special thanks to Hitomi & Colin Gilliam and Gregor Lersch who have created FREESIA to make a difference in the International Floral Industry.

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