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Award Winning National Floral Designer Competition - Royal Easter Show


The National Floral Design Competition is held annually at the Royal Easter Show in Sydney, sponsored by The Royal Agricultural Society NSW and the Royal Horticultural Society NSW. The International Floral Design Judge for 2023 was Mr Anson Low from Singapore.

Local Floral Designer, Linda Taneja, the founder of Soul Design has been awarded 2nd Prize in the National Floral Designer Competition at the Royal Easter Show this year.

Award Winning Floral Design - National Florist - Royal Easter Show 2023 - Hand Woven Fully Compostable Sustainable Floral Design 2.6m h -
Award Winning Sustainable Floral Design

Linda’s innovative and sustainable award winning floral design was truly exceptional and caught the attention of the judges and attendees alike.

The centrepiece was a 2.6 meter tall hand woven structure of three intertwined fish, which was adorned with a range of beautiful and sustainable plant materials.

The design was created for the theme of ‘Poetry in Motion’, it was also 100% compostable.

With the thoughtful use of Phalaenopsis orchids, Bromeliads, succulent cuttings and the feature plant of Dioscorea elephantipes also known as Elephants Foot, all plant material used in the design will continue to grow long after the competition.

Award Winning Floral Design - Royal Easter Show 2023 - Close up of Random Weaving Technique - Feature plant Dioscorea elephantipes - Elephants Foot Vine, Phalaenopsis Orchids, Bromeliads
Award winning sustainable floral design close up weaving and plants

Linda’s sustainable approach to the floral design was truly remarkable and resulted in a zero waste design.

Incorporated within the design were two weaving techniques, random weaving for the fish structures and features within incorporating Australia’s indigenous weaving technique of our First Nation People creating a sense of place.

As the founder of Soul Design, Linda's passion for nature, weaving and sustainable floral design has led her to create some of the most innovative and visually striking designs in the industry.



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