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Linda Taneja Awarded 1st Prize - Royal Easter Show Floral Competition

Linda Taneja, Director of Soul Design takes 1st Place at the Royal Easter Show Floral Competition through the Professional Florist Association of New South Wales.

The Theme Kaleidoscope of Colour at the Races was encapsulated extremely well with a fantastic level of creativity according to the Judge of the Competition.

The brief for the competition was to include two Floral Features;

1. An elaborate head piece for one of the guests at the Races

2. A Floral feature encapsulating kaleidoscope of colour for the Winners Podium

Elaborate Headpiece

The Elaborate Floral Headpiece is a transparent hat crafted in handmade chicken wire formed together with hundreds of florist wires wrapped in multi coloured stemtex (paper waxed florist tape).

The floral feature includes carnations, roses gerberas, bud roses, leucadendrons and hyacinth threaded on steel grass as a garland.

Floral Feature Winners Podium

The Floral feature for the Winners podium includes a handmade wire frame which is sewn onto the pedestal with wire. The pedestal and support frame are painted in the same paint to combine the two as one.

The structure is formed in wire, reinforced with copper mesh and bound with coloured wool.

The structure creates depth with coloured parafilm / stemtex wires and dyed skewers to create further texture of different materials.

Flowers suspended within the structure are secured in florist test tubes thus including a floating water source for flowers.

The design was created so all sides could be viewed with a different look.

Linda says, 'I like to create a point of difference in my designs'. Inspired by International Master Floral Designer Gregor Lersch, International Floral Designer Mark Pampling and Australian Florist Jeff Smith, Linda says 'Working with such outstanding Designers and Mentors open wide the door to amazing opportunity and usage of materials.

Linda Taneja of Soul Design is extremely proud to announce the award of 1st Place in the competition run by the Professional Florist Association of NSW at the Royal Easter Show, 2017.

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