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Linda receives esteemed Floristry Award for Creative Innovation & Initiative

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Linda received Award for Creative Innovation and Initiative

A journey which was in the thought process for some time before embarking upon the commitment in 2014 was a difficult decision.

Business had evolved greatly since it began in 2003 and was now focused on Floristry.

Embarking on a 12 month full time Professional Floristry Certification meant a substantial amount of time out of the business to spend on Research and Development.

"This decision was probably the greatest which has impacted business in more ways than ever imagined."

On completion of the Professional Floristry course, I decided to proceed to the next level of Advanced Floristry techniques completed in 2015.

Currently this is the highest level of Floristry Education readily available within Australia involving complex floristry techniques. The course is over a 12 month period.

The Graduation for the course was on the 1st of June, 2016

In addition,

"I was awarded the esteemed Bernie Gadd Memorial Floristry Award 2015 for Creative Innovation and Inititiave"

This award in memory of Bernie Gadd, who was a highly regarded and talented Australian Florist and was actually the Teacher of my Teacher, Jeff Smith.

Jeff always spoke highly of Bernie describing him as the one who pushed his creative boundaries during his teaching.

I express the same for my teacher, Jeff Smith who pushed my perceived boundaries also, opening the door to new opportunities, I had not imagined.

Jeff and Bernie alike have been awarded several Interflora Competition Awards. Jeff says, Bernie is the reason for his involvement in the recent NSW Interflora Competition which he won in 2016.

Studying Professional Floristry and Advanced Techniques through Sydney TAFE, has opened my eyes to the opportunities of Floristry particularly with the influences, dedication and passionate teachings of Wendy Delve and Jeff Smith.

Further research and development this year has involved learning from International Master Floral Designer, Gregor Lersch. Gregor is from Germany and is Master of contemporary floral techniques and designs.

Gregor Lersch was in Australia earlier this year holding a workshop and demonstration which I took part in.

In October, Gregor will return for an exclusive intensive workshop which I will be taking part in and am really looking forward to.

"To create a True Point of Difference, ongoing Research and Development of ones skills are Imperative"

Some of Linda's recent designs follow;

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