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Creative Floristry for Commercial Spaces, Clubs & Shopping Centres

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Floating orchid floral feature @ Pittwater RSL Club

Creative Floristry in commercial spaces, Clubs and Shopping Centres can become a game changer in terms of visitation and returning of patrons and customers to commercial spaces.

Studies show that the presence of greenery in an environment can have positive effect on the well being of your visitors. Among other benefits, the presence of greenery can present a sense of calm and reduce stress.

Not only does it enhance the internal space by softening otherwise dominant lines of furniture and fittings, it can also create a welcome and sense of calm for your patrons, clients, customers, guests and visitors.

The photo above is a custom made floating orchid floral design we created as a transparent partition for the dining are of the Glasshouse Restaurant at Pittwater RSL Club.

Handmade Cherry Blossom Trees @ Bankstown Sports Club

The photo above is of custom made cherry blossom trees created for Bankstown Sports Club's Cornerstone Cafe. There are over 20 individual trees hand crafted with not one being the same as another.

We have created this permanent display using artificial flowering branches on natural branches, thus each tree is different and the result is extremely natural.

Phalaenopsis Floral Arrangement @ Flinders Centre, Bankstown

The photo left is of a large phalaenopsis orchid floral design approx 700mm x 800mm h which was created for The Flinders Centre, Bankstown.

The design includes over 35 stems of phalaenopsis orchids.

Tropical greenery bowls @ Strathfield Sports Club

The photo to the right includes part of the greenery collection created for Strathfield Sports Club which included tropical greenery in bowls.

The photo below includes custom made suspended greenery features installed at Tuggerah Super Centre. The unique hanging garden features include tropical greenery such as ferns and hanging vine. This permanent feature is crafted on natural branches with not one being the same as another.

Hanging Garden Features @ Tuggerah Super Centre

If you would like to see more of our innovative designs, or would like to enquire about a solution for your corporate space, a link for our website is below.

Soul Design is a family business, established in 2003.

Specialising in innovative design with a strong Floristry & Design background together with horticultural knowledge and skillset.

The foundation of our floristry commissions is supported by our ongoing international and national research and development.

We pride ourselves in our specialised skillset which results in premium, quality, design solutions for our Clients.

For more information, visit our website at or contact Linda Taneja directly via email.

Thank you for your time in reading this article. Wishing you a wonderful day!

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