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National Floral Designer 2nd Place!

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

The 2018 Royal Agricultural Society & Royal Horticultural Society of NSW,

2018 National Floral Design Comp 2nd Place

National Floral Designer Competition awarded 2nd Place to Team 'Jeff Smith & Linda Taneja' (Director of Soul Design) at the Royal Easter Show.

The competition is open to 12 selected teams.

Each team has a 2m x 2m exhibition space to create a coordinated floral display for a particular theme. The 2018 theme was masquerade.

Competitors were given 7.5 hours to create the design.

Pre-preparation of non horticultural material was allowed which included; tatami roll, tatami coil discs and clay basting of mesh panel.

Complex floral design crafting techniques included;

Tatami Roll

Tatami steel grass panels

Tatami coils

Clay basting of mesh panel

Judge's Comments included;

A well executed design

The proportions of this design were noteworthy

Excellent mechanics & condition of plant material

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