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Valentines Day - How to Extend the Life of your Flowers for over a Week!

Interflora Valentine Rose Box

As a Florist, I feel it is important to help people understand how they can keep their flowers looking lush for longer.

If you follow the tips below, you can extend the life of your flowers for a week or even longer!

1. Quality is the key - buy from a reputable Florist - who wants to make sure your flowers are fresh and last longer so you buy from them again.

2. Hydrate - As soon as possible give them water!

* Place in a clean vessel of fresh water

* Remove all leaves which will be in the water if not removed - leaves in water create bacteria which will shorten the life of the flowers

* If using flower food, prepare vessel with water according to instructions

* Cut the stems 2-3cm from the end and place in a clean vessel of clean water.

* Every 2-3 days remove the flowers from the vase, clean the vase, recut the stems and replace in fresh water

3. Keep flowers cool but not Cold!

Best place for flowers is in a cool light place away from drafts.

Flowers in a cold air conditioned room near a vent will have a shortened life.

Flowers in a warm room will mature more quickly. eg lily buds can about a week to open, if placed in a warm environment, they will open more quickly.

banana - keep away from flowers

4. Keep roses away from maturing fruit!

Maturing fruit creates ethynol gas which affects quite a lot of varieties of flowers - roses displayed near fruit will have a much shorter life.

5. As flowers mature, refresh with this simple tip!

Guard petals on roses

As roses mature, outer petals known as guard petals are the first to age or blemish. The guard petals are thick petals which guard the inner petals of the rose, these can be gently removed to refresh the look of the rose.

If you have a mixed variety of flowers in your arrangement, some of the flowers may enjoy a longer life than others, remove the spent blooms from the arrangement to give your flowers a fresher look.

By following these simple tips, you will enjoy your flowers for a longer period of time.

We hope you have found these tips to be beneficial.

For more tips from Soul Design visit our website.

Wishing you a great day!

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