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Skills = Point of Difference

Hand crafted floral design on bamboo structure


Research and Development is a well known key ingredient required for business success, particularly in today's market.

Easier said than done, many business owners will say with the day to day running of business.

True, however like fitting in a fitness routine or family, life balance, you just have to make a decision to go with it and make it part of your business.

Unlike the constant battle with keeping your accounts and website up to date, it involves a different commitment.

Whether it be attending Key Industry Conferences with associated key speakers or even better Industry Specific Skill Workshops with the Gurus, all will no doubt result in added insight and development for your business.

Wire Woven Fan with Orchid Garland and Focal Flower Calla Lilies

Linda Taneja, Director of Soul Design Pty Limited explains, 'to be a step ahead and create a true point of difference, you need to be a step ahead!'

This year Linda has worked with two Internationally renowned Floral Designers, Mr Gregor Lersch, Master Floral Designer, based in Germany and Mr Mark Pampling International Floral Designer based in Australia.

Linda says 'It's extremely important to keep evolving - it's the key to creating a True Point of Difference for our Clients'.

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