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Soul Greenery @ The Pavilion, Royal Botanic Gardens

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Soul Design Greenery at the Botanic Gardens

Soul Design was recently commissioned to supply complimentary greenery to The Pavilion situated at the Royal Botanic Gardens.

The Pavilion, in its beautiful prime location opens 7 days for Breakfast and Lunch. The venue is also available for private bookings of special events including Weddings.

The Restaurant prior to the latest edition of bar planting included several large potted fresh palms which are situated throughout the Restaurant.

The upgraded bar with down lighting now includes extremely life like greenery suspended in hand made macrame hangers.

Artificial Planting ferns and monsteria in Macrame hangings

The client had macrame potted planting in mind, so Linda, Director of Soul Design proposed a simplistic natural toned macrame style with glass vases featuring cascading varieties of green foliage including ferns, palms and the succulent jade.

The proposed planting perfectly compliments the prime position of this restaurant and its surroundings.

The natural green foliage in rounded bowls softens yet replicates the bold rounded bar feature creating a comfortable welcoming setting.

To ensure the success of planting, extreme attention to detail is required.

Quality of the plant material and quality of the design is one aspect. Taking into account the placement, position and setting of the planting is another.

Soul Design proudly offers services based on Professional Floristry Accreditation, ongoing research and development together with the achievement of the Bernie Gadd Creative Innovation and Initiative Award.

Melissa Carey supplied the macrame hangings.

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