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The REAL purpose of Greenery / Floral Design in Corporate Spaces!

Customised Artificial Potted Plants for Corporate Restaurant

Greenery and Floral Design have a Purpose


Careful consideration needs to be taken into account to ensure your greenery / floral designs work for your Corporate Space.

As you can see in the picture above, the multi textured potted plants and succulents create a softening of the dominant horizontal lines of this Corporate Restaurant.

The Interior Designer and Hospitality Stylist created a beautiful balance in the placement of forms and lines within this project.

The round forms of the pots repeats and compliments the round form of the hanging lights and serving plates.

The natural tones of the stonework and cabinetry are further enhanced by the natural flowing greenery above.

In this project, greenery was selected to include ferns and succulents.

As you can see, the green plants create a sense of freshness.

potted plants fiddle leaf and fern soften the setting of a Corporate Restaurant

"The variety of plants introduce a pallet of multiple textures .... a taster for what is to follow"

This contemporary Corporate Restaurant uses the best of fresh, high quality ingredients creating a sumptuous menu rich in texture and flavour.

The greenery compliments and reinforces the branding of the restaurant.

Although in addition, a Floral Design incorporating the Corporate Branding would also be effective, the greenery sets the scene complimenting the contemporary space, a welcome to patrons and taster for the sumptuous food which is to follow.

All plants within this project are extremely lifelike faux plants supplied by Soul Design.

If you would like some greenery/floral design ideas for your corporate space contact Linda at Soul Design.

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