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Eco Friendly Floral Design with Purpose - Upward Trend in Corporate Arrangements

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Upward trend in corporate floral arrangements - corporate flowers

Research and Development is important for all Businesses.

So we can offer a far greater solution to our clients.

"Research is creating new knowledge"

Neil Armstrong

A recent 3 days invested with Master German Floral Designer, Gregor Lersch has been a highlight in the Soul Design R&D Calendar for a long time.

Master of Floristry Mr Gregor Lersch - photo c/o

The result of this investment was a strengthened foundation which opened exciting opportunities for the future of our floral products and offerings to our clients.

When we bring new concepts to life, they have a purpose and they have meaning.

The Corporate Floral Arrangement pictured above demonstrates the development of business with upward direction in revenue, focus and direction with sustainability in mind.

The frame of the floral arrangement is an eco friendly biodegradable hand made structure crafted in untreated wire and paper yet its foundation is stable and strong.

With continued engagement in learning and discovery, we evolve and develop new ways of creating solutions which are both dynamic and exciting.

Australian Corporate Offices need to create a point of difference for their clients, the moment they walk in the door.

Rather than settling for the 'traditional' floral arrangement why not have something totally different resulting in clients coming in the door intrigued by the flower design on your reception desk.

With a little imagination a true point of difference can be created for your corporate office.

If you would like some ideas, send us an email with a picture of your reception area or place you would like flowers together with a picture of your logo (if you would like to include branding). We would be happy to come up with some ideas for you providing you a true point of difference for your flowers.

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