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Purpose of Floral Design at Corporate Events

Do you remember the floral arrangements at a recent event you attended?

Did they fit their purpose? What was their purpose?

Too often, floral displays at functions and events do not fit their intended purpose well. Communication is the key!

The Purpose of Floral Design at an event or corporate establishment is far greater than just having flowers.

Floral Budgets can be better utilised when the purpose is understood and communicated well.

Floral Professionals use a diverse range of design techniques which are adapted to achieve tailored floristry solutions for varied applications.

Although the event theme is important, the purpose of the event is also of great importance. An Australiana Theme at one of Sydney's five star hotels creates a long list of possible solutions. This being said, the Purpose of the Event and the Flowers is of greater importance.

The purpose of the event in this case was the Orientation of Young New Recruits to the Hotel with an emphasis on FUN! The event was held in the Lachlan Macquarie Room and was a great success.

Soul Design were commissioned to provide some fun arrangements for the tables.

As the new recruits walked into their new conference room, they burst into laughter at the sight of the life size kangaroo and blow up pool (provided by the Events Co-ordinator for a bit of fun) and tables layered over the crisp white table cloths with feature Aboriginal prints, stainless steel campfire mugs and oversized Australian Native blooms.

The purpose of the Floral Design in this case was to emphasise the Australian Theme in a Fun way at the same time Welcome the New Recruits to their new Place of Work which has a great culture for young employees.

If this event was for International Business Investors, the Floral Design Solutions offered would be more formal arrangements which emphasise the beauty of the rugged yet beautiful native blooms of Australia.

Ensure your Floral Budget is utilised to support and compliment your Corporate Personality, your Event Theme and your Corporate Brand.

Contact Linda @ Soul Design for your next Corporate Event or Permanent Floral Art Feature Solution

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