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Planting & Floral Design for Corporate Offices

Corporate Offices benefit greatly from greenery and floral designs which soften open spaces, hard lines and create a sense of welcome and comfort.

Studies show that exposure to greenery actually improves not only the aesthetics of an office environment, it also can improve, the health and mindset of employees, increase productivity and create an environment people are happy to be in.

Soul Design offer contemporary Floral Design which create a true point of difference for Corporate Offices and Commercial Events.

Planting solutions include horticulturally suitable species incorporated with principles and elements of design.

Soul Design is a specialist Floral Design company with a background in Horticulture and Landscape Design. Success results from ongoing research and development of technique and design prioritising quality and attention to detail.

Research by 

University of Sydney Research 'Indoor Plants Work!' (2014)

shows suitable Indoor plants;

  • improve indoor air quality (IAQ)

  • reduce urban air pollution indoors (from plastics, synthetics in furniture, fittings, paints, computers etc.)

  • have strong capacity to remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

  • will remove CO2 and release equal amounts of Oxygen

  • increase productivity by 10% 

  • reduce workplace stress related illness thus reduce sick leave

  • increase job satisfaction

Suitable plant selection taking into account light levels and maintenance attribute to a successful planting plan.

Maintenance can be carried out by professionals however, there is usually at least a few plant lovers in each office. Like any living being, people take pride in taking care of something special. 

Depending on the type of plant, usually they like to have a drink once a week with a monthly natural cocktail of goodness fertiliser together with a little trim of any ratty ends (expired leaves). 

Light is an important element in successful office planting. Some plants are more suited to low light than others who tend to love basking in the sun. 

All in all, plants bring life into the office creating a sense of welcome, comfort and atmosphere along with a dose of good health for all your team to enjoy!

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