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Corporate Events and Expo Floral Design

Corporate Events and Exhibitions create lasting first impressions and brand awareness.

Competition particularly at Exhibitions can be quite fierce, so creating a point of difference is the key to success.

Studies prove, exposure to greenery actually improves the mindset of a person.

We can all do with that advantage when meeting people for the first time and introducing them to our brand.

A floral design which is unique, some lush greenery, a feature green wall of flowers and / or plants all create a welcoming and eye catching feature. 

Creating a welcoming environment, sets the scene while softening the hard edges and lines of furniture and booth design.

For some tips on creating welcome at corporate events you may like to visit our Blog.

Soul Design offer tailored innovative floral and interior landscape design solutions which will surely please the eye.

Soul Design is a Professional Florist organisation which prioritises quality and design.

The use of both fresh and high quality artificial flower and plant material increase the opportunities for solutions based on our client's needs.

A true benefit to our Clientelle is our ongoing investment in research and development which includes;  extensive R&D in contemporary Floristry, advanced techniques and Horticulture together with ongoing technical training with National and International Floral Designers combine to form our extensive portfolio.

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