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Hotels - foyers & floristry, interior landscape design & external spaces

Hotels benefit greatly from first impressions.

Of course it all links with the branding of the establishment.


Greenery at external foyers in plant beds or pots create a sense of welcome. 

If you like, greenery creates a soft landing rather than a mass of horizontal and vertical lines from the doorway. 

Creating a finishing to your entrance which is pleasing and adds to the invitation. 

Good quality lush greenery done well can actually create a rush as a person approaches, an experience if you will.

Studies show that exposure to greenery actually improves the mindset of a person. 

As one enters the establishment, the foyer is also enhanced significantly with a focal point which welcomes the eye. 

Whether that be a sculpture, architectural feature, floral statement or nest of plantings the experience is continued. 

We may be a little biased to exclaim that the more 'out of the ordinary' creates a point of difference from other Hotels. 

In terms of floristry for example, you may have a vase of lilies on the reception desk with magnolia foliage or.... a freestanding floral design with interesting elements which are unique and create a talking point for your guests. 

Soul Design is a Professional Florist organisation which prioritises Quality and Design by investing in Research and Development. 

Product research, Formal training in Floristry, advanced techniques and Horticulture together with ongoing technical training with National and  International Floral Designers combine to form our extensive portfolio.

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