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Clubs - Floral features & plant design for internal / external spaces

Clubs benefit greatly from greenery and floral design which softens the open spaces. 

Studies show that exposure to greenery actually improves the mindset of a person.


Plants and greenery which look real are the idyllic choice when it comes to large open spaces or spaces with little or no natural light. They are also ideal when it comes to maintenance. The guess work is simply removed which also reduces costs in the long term. 

There are three major components when considering artificial planting and greenery in Clubs and other public community spaces.

1. The quality of artificial planting, trees and greenery

Some artificial plants and greenery are now of a very high quality level and are botanically very similar to their live naturals. The closer they are to their live counterparts, the better.

2. Technical skill in Floristry

It is a true advantage to be able to engage an artificial plant and greenery contractor who is extensively trained in Floristry. 

Your artificial planting will look as natural as possible and finished to a high standard. The principals and elements of Design when used effectively create a much more pleasing look to the eye. 

3. The mechanics of Floristry

Floristry like other trades can be carried out at very different standards.

There are many elements to take into account when completing a project. 

The mechanics are important ensuring actual balance, secure fixing, proper finishing and attention to detail. 

Soul Design is a Professional Florist organisation which prioritises Quality and Design by investing in Research and Development. 

Product research, Formal training in Floristry, advanced techniques and Horticulture together with ongoing technical training with National and International Floral Designers combine to form our extensive portfolio.

We are proud to have been commissioned by many outstanding Clubs including; Bankstown Sports Club, Club Taree, Pittwater RSL, and Castle Hill RSL.

It is a pleasure to work in the Club Industry and witness the goodness and benefit they provide within Community.

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