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Plants and Greenery for Resorts, Hotels, Clubs, Restaurants & Professional Offices & Suites

Artificial plants and greenery create significant benefit when placed correctly with premium quality materials.

Soul Design's artificial plants and greenery have gained a reputation for Quality, Service and Workmanship. 

With Floristry award winning Director, Linda Taneja, all artificial planting projects created by Soul Design have one key priority, they must look natural!

Natural artificial planting is indeed an art to connect the opposing terms. It takes a dedicated eye to ensure successful connection. 

Natural artificial planting is one element of course, being a very important one however in addition, focus must also facilitate purpose theme, placement and environment. 

Soul Design work primarily with Architects, Interior Designers and Construction Companies, understanding the demands and challenges together with preconceived ideas resulting from inferior product and design by others, of artificial planting and greenery within industry. 

Although interior landscaping usually amounts to only a portion of the overall construction/refurbishment package quality artificial planting, floral features and greenery make a considerable difference and are imperative for the overall success of the project.

Soul Design's attention to detail and focus on purpose ensure artificial plants, floral features and greenery create a true point of difference, coming to life serving their purpose well,  creating interest and comfort for clients and their guests.

Soul Design is based in Sydney delivering and installing Australia wide.

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