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Low maintenance plants and trees for corporate offices

Low maintenance artificial ficus tree for office

Live plants do need natural light to grow and survive and most live plants do not perform well in drafts.

Many corporate offices receive only little or no natural light and usually run ceiling ducted air conditioners which are not condusive to healthy living conditions of plants and trees.

There is a lot to be said for the introduction of greenery into an office space. In short, green creates life in a space otherwise dominated with monotone colours and horizontal lines of desks and cabinetry.

One way to bring green into your office is to consider high quality artificial plants and trees.

Benefits of low maintenance, high quality artificial plants and trees for the corporate office include;

1. Staff costs reduced as there is No Watering required

2. Office looks great as there is No Dead Foliage

3. Less time wasted - Extremely low maintenance - only periodic cleaning to remove dust

4. No natural light required as they survive in the dark

5. Green brings life! Offices which include high quality artificial plants and trees in to the Interior Design of the of the Office create a more welcoming comfortable environment for both employees and visitors

low maintenance ficus tree for corporate office sydney

The Corporate Head Office pictured in this article was designed by the award winning Andrew Loader Design .

This stunning office includes opulent marble finishes tessellated wall features which were complimented beautifully with the extremely life like ficus retusa with air roots with mondo grass and white grey pebbles in gloss white pots.

If you would like tips on how to choose high quality plants for your corporate office, or would like to know more about Soul Design, please visit our website.

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