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Cleaning Artificial Flowers Plants & Trees

how to clean artificial plants

Artificial Plants and Trees are extremely versatile and resilient with minimum maintenance required.

It does not matter whether your artificial plants and / or trees are made from a mixed fabric, silk or one of the many forms of new age plastic, we are happy to help you with a few tips to bring your faux planting, greenery, trees and flowers back to life.

1. Blow Dust

For large areas of greenery, the garden blower may be the quickest way to remove dirt and dust.

For smaller arrangements a hair dryer may be perfect.

2. Damp Cloth

For hardy artificial tree leaves and faux plants you may use a damp soft clean cloth to gently wipe the leaves. To speed up the process, hold a branch in your hand and wipe several leaves at once (for small leaves).

*** Tip - Spot Test Before - for plastic coated plant material, you may try 250ml warm water in a spray bottle with a squirt of gentle dishwashing detergent and 100mls of white vinegar. This will lift stubborn dirt and sticky dust particles if present.

3. Gentle Water Wash for Fragile Flowers and Plant Material

For fragile soft textured fabric flowers a gentle rinse under the tap using your thumb and fingers to carefully remove dust from petals can be done.

Do not use cloths to wipe fragile elements as they may damage the surface or leave residue.

4. Water Hose

If arrangements and plant material can be moved outside, a water hose can be utilised instead of damp wiping each of the leaves. *** Care may need to be taken to ensure the base of the plant is protected if necessary and any water which does enter the base is removed, otherwise rust and sitting water can result.

You will need;

spray bottle


a spray bottle, water, a little dishwashing detergent

5. A little care makes all the difference

Maintaining your artificial plant, tree and flower material periodically will revitalise your plant material and prolongs the life of the product.

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