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Recently Linda Taneja, Director of Soul Design Pty Ltd had pleasure being interviewed by Nina Hendy of Fairfax Publications with experience which was originally for publication in the Sydney Morning Herald to be shared with other SMEs.

The perceived benefit to other SME's and interest grew to include publication in The Age, WA Today, The Brisbane Times and the Canberra Times.

Soul Design in Sydney Morning Herald

With the majority of Businesses operating in Australia being small to medium enterprises and the economic conditions of which we operate within, it is important to keep our overheads lean to ensure our solutions to clients are cost effective.

Versatility, Product and Service, Linda believes are the most important elements of operating a business today.

Soul Design in WA Today

As Soul Design was established in 2003 during a posting in Singapore, unique challenges included importing, distributing and marketing to the Asian Market and within just a few years, reinventing the business on return to Australia

with a diversified product range, the need for a warehouse and

Soul Design in Brisbane Times

marketing within Australia.

In 2010 a trial began with the newly introduced line of

particularly life like flowers.

This diversified product range resulted in redirecting the focus of the business to flowers and foliage.

With commissions of floral arrangements for The Australian Museum, The Pullman Quay Grand, various restaurants, corporates and special events including bridal

bouquets and floral arrangements, the demand grew quickly for

Soul Design in The Age

the high quality product and designs, Soul Design was offering.

As demand grew, so did the desire to create more unique offerings with advanced techniques and design. A full time course in Floristry for twelve months was an investment which

Soul Design in the Canberra Times

created a strong foundation for future projects.

With the intense yearning of desire for more advanced techniques and complex skill sets, a further twelve month part time intensive course was completed providing Linda and her business a set of skills well beyond the Australian Floristry Industry Standard.

On completion Linda was awarded the Bernie Gadd Memorial Award for Creative Innovation and Initiative.

Linda says, to be able to operate efficiently and effectively in today's business market, versatility is important.

Too many businesses who have been operating for 20 years or more have not survived.

We need to keep overheads lean and concentrate on providing high quality products and services to offer our clients the very best solutions.

Have a read of the article "How this small business owner cut costs by $30,000 a year" to learn about some cost saving Soul Design implemented to make a difference to their business.

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