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Selecting Trees for Corporate Offices

Artificial Ficus Tree with Mondo Grass

In a recent project, I met with Designer, Andrew Loader in what was at the time a blank canvas of raw foundations.

The entire floor of one of Sydney's prime locations which floats 28 floors above the city streets with 360 degree iconic views of Sydney's Harbour, Foreshore, Botanic Gardens and City.

Andrew stepped me through the plans for this magnificent Corporate Office beautifully designed with opulent finishes and features.

A stunning marble feature within the lift lobby leads to the Reception and Lounge setting the scene in white and black hues with silvery tones.

During our meeting, it was the white glossy finishes which stood out for me.

Andrew envisaged bold rounded pots with lush greenery.

Concerns for maintenance and vulnerability of real trees lead Andrew to contact us for a viable solution.

We proposed beautifully formed white gloss painted finish pots with extremely lifelike, premium artificial ficus trees with mondo grass on a bed of natural white pebbles with a grey fleck.

Our artificial ficus trees are lush with leaves of varied green hues. These particular trees also boast natural trunks with hanging air roots.

The mondo grass in clustered rounded forms create a clean lush feature connecting the glossy white finished pot to the beautifully crafted tree.

andrew_loader_design on Instagram ....."Linda and her team have done a remarkable job bringing to life a stunning and sustainable green design solution in this special space"

For premium artificial trees and plants contact Soul Design for Delivery and Installation Australia wide.

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