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The Art of Making Artificial Plants Come To Life

Artificial Plants including Ferns, Palms, Monsteria, and Soul Designed Earth Balls with hanging foliage

To be honest we have a few tricks up our sleeve which make our artificial planting look real. This article reveals a few of our secrets.

1. Selection of Plant Material

Artificial Plants - Maiden Hair Fern and Monsteria

As you can imagine, there are many standards of artificial plant material available.

The more natural the plant looks and feels, the more successful the result will be.

Things to look for include;

* the fabric or material used in the plant material

* the texture and shape of the leaves

* the size of the leaves

* the colour of the leaves

2. Combination of Plant Material

When selecting varieties of artificial planting which will sit together, ensure the selection works well with the composition.

One of our projects involved a suspended ceiling landscape at Club Taree, located on the Golf Course in Northern NSW.

Our selection of plant materials for this project included Australian Native Plants relevant to the location of this beautiful country location.

3. Position, Position, Position

Just like Real Estate, the positioning of plants can make all the difference!

Sequencing, clusters and the angle from which the plants are viewed all needs to be taken into account.

4. Principals and Elements of Design

Artificial Planting in Macrame at The Pavillion, The Royal Botanic Gardens

This is the detail within the composition, the combination of materials and how they are placed. Principals and elements include texture, colour, form, harmony, flow, dominance, repetition, sequencing and balance.

5. Attention To Detail

This is one element which can make or break the result of the project.

One of the reasons Artificial Planting is selected is for longevity.

Our recent project at Castle Hill is located in the Alfresco Garden Dining Room.

All the artificial planting for this project has been securely fixed to the internal planter and each piece of foliage has been secured individually to ensure they will not come out of their placements over time with the effects of the wind.

Mechanics within Floristry include wires and fixing of the plant material to its foundation. Disguising or hiding the mechanics is all part of the Attention to Detail.

Finishing touches are essential to enhance the life likeness of artificial planting.

For more information on Quality Artificial Planting, visit Soul Design

Artificial planting by Soul Design

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