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Benefits of Artificial Plants and Trees for Hotels, Clubs, Restaurants and Offices

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

faux plants for hotels, clubs, restaurants and offices


Living green plants and trees are great while they are full bodied and healthy. They will remain looking great if they receive natural light away from drafts, water, fertiliser and periodic grooming.

High quality artificial plants are ideal for Hotels, Clubs Restaurants and Offices areas which do not have access to natural light or if maintenance is one more item you don't want to have to worry about.

High quality artificial plants replicate live plant benefits of atmosphere, a sense of

welcoming and having a natural form within the space breaking the dominant horizontal lines of tables, reception desks and chairs.

faux artificial potted plants for restaurant

There are many levels of quality available in faux plants and trees and to be honest, you get what you pay for.

"Quality is the Key"

Poor quality faux plants and trees really do look fake. Having poor quality fake plants and trees in your office, restaurant, hotel or club does not impress, it rather has a negative effect on your corporate brand and image.

You are better off not having any greenery present if you have to settle for poor quality fake plants or trees.

Sorry to be blunt but I would rather be honest with you.

Faux plants and trees have been around for a long time and thankfully some have raised the bar in terms and quality and lifelike resemblance.

People are so much more aware these days and will question if the plants and trees are real. Having a trained eye in the field, I can tell if a faux plant or tree is real or fake 50m away from the arrangement. Although everyone does not have a trained eye like mine, I can guarantee most of your clients are aware of the growing trend of Hotels, Clubs, Restaurants and Offices incorporating faux plants and trees in their welcome areas.

If they have to ask if they are real, you have chosen well!

High quality faux planting when done well, will look real.

One of our favourite artificial / faux trees is the premium Ficus Retusa we have included in several office installations.

Artificial Faux Ficus Tree very lifelike

This faux ficus tree is exceptional standing approximately 1.8m in height with natural trunk and a

very effective root system with an abundance of gradated ficus leaves. Resulting in an extremely lifelike tree.

Artficial Faux Fiddle Leaf Tree 245cm h

Another favourite is a very new large faux plant being the fiddle tree.

Fiddle leaf trees and plants have become the new vogue.

This particular artificial fiddle leaf tree stands 245cm in height with thick broad leaves of various gradation or intensity of colour.

There are so many benefits of high quality faux plants and trees for your indoor office areas, meeting areas and reception. The maintenance is low and if people have to ask if they are real, you have made a good choice. Quality is the Key!

For tips on selecting quality artificial indoor plants, trees, greenery and flowers, you may like to have a look at our blog named Top 5 Tips - Selecting Artificial Flowers & Trees for Your Commercial Premises.

Soul Design offers tailored solutions for your faux indoor plants, trees and floral arrangement needs delivering Australia Wide.


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