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How to choose a corporate artificial flower rental program for your office

Artificial Floral Arrangement for Hire with Soul Design

Having Flowers, Plants or Trees in your Office Reception Area creates a welcoming ambience to your Corporate space.

Flowers provide colour and can support branding of your Corporate Image and Brand.

Although Fresh Flowers are wonderful, there are maintenance and air conditioning challenges in Corporate Offices which make it difficult for natural flowers to show their true colours and extent of life. Tips for Fresh Office Flower Arrangements

If you would prefer not to worry about maintenance of Fresh Flowers or you would like to reduce your costs of flowers for the office, there is a great alternative which is the choice of Artificial Floral Arrangements, Plants and Trees for Rent or Hire.

Tips below will ensure careful choice of your artificial flowers, plants and trees.


colour brought into a corporate office with a Soul Design artificial flower arrangement

Artificial flower arrangement rental have become quite popular in the marketplace.

Benefits of artificial floral arrangements for hire include;

  • Colour is brought into the office which can enhance the atmosphere, welcome guests and compliment corporate branding

  • Cost is considerably less than fresh flowers

  • No murky water issues

  • No dead flowers

Although the faux flowers of today can be extremely lifelike, it is best to choose your provider carefully.

Here are some tips which will help you choose artificial flowers plants or trees for hire for your office carefully;

  • Don't assume they are all the same! Quality is very important! both in the flower quality and the design!

  • Go on the providers website to see photos of their work - although you may not see the actual flowers you may have in your office on the website, you will be able to see the style of floral arrangements and the quality from their website

  • Talk to your provider about the type of floral arrangements and colours they would put in your office. The style and colours need to compliment your office and branding.

  • Think about the positioning of the floral arrangement - if against a dark wall, the colours need to stand out otherwise they will be lost and the value will not be there.

  • Agree to a trial period rather than a 12 month contract upfront if you are not familiar with the provider's work.

Artificial Plant Hire Service with Soul Design

We hope this information helps you in choosing wisely, a suitable floral solution provider for your office.

Soul Design offers quality artificial floral arrangements, plants and trees for hire.

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